Thursday, November 19, 2015

Primer | Makeup Part 1 | Back To Basics

I am so excited to be getting into the makeup part of my huge back to basics series. If you haven't already checked out my Skin Care Back to Basics mini series, go read all about it: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3!

In the Makeup mini series, I will be talking about all the basic makeup product that you need and also all the extra goodies that you can add to your makeup routine to get the look that you want. Makeup is all about accentuating what you already have, and it's a ton of fun to play with.
I will be putting these posts up in the order that you would apply the makeup.

I am starting out with primer. Primer is intended to do exactly as it says, it is made to prime your skin before you go in with any other product on top. Primer is used to fill any lumps, bumps and any unevenness that you may have on the skin to smooth and even out the surface. Primer also is made to make anything that you put on top last all day long.

You can apply primer with your clean hands, you can also use a clean brush or even makeup sponges. Really it is up to you. I always just use my fingers to work the primer into my skin. It's super fast and I don't get any of my tools dirty.

There are many different types of primers that are used for all kinds of things. There are just regular primers that the sole purpose is to even out the skin tone and make the makeup last all day. These primers are intended to be used by any skin type. Here are a few examples of regular primers.

There are also primers that are made for people that have oily skin. These sort of primers usually will say that they are mattifying. These will make your skin look matte as soon as you apply them to the skin. They prevent oil from escaping during the day. Some people even use these sort of primers even if the are not wearing makeup to reduce the amount of oil that will show on the skin. Here are some examples of what a mattifying primer looks like. As you can see there are great options for any budget. Honestly they all do the same thing, choosing one comes down to personal preference.

There are also primers designed for dry skin. These kind of primers usually tend to say things like "hydrating" or "luminous." These primers are made to make your skin look like its glowing from the inside out. These are also great to use in the cold winter months, when the skin tends to get dry. Again, all companies carry these. So there's something out there for everyone.

Also out there are tinted primers. These primers are made with a tone or color to them already. These are great for people that don't need the coverage from a foundation because the primer has a small amount of tint to it. These work great for a little wash of color all over the skin on days where a full coverage foundation isn't needed. These also work great for people that need a lot of coverage, because you can then layer your foundation over top and it will give you more coverage.


Another great thing that primer is used for is with powder foundations. When you use a powder foundation you really need to make sure that the powder has something to stick to. Using a primer is the best way to get your powder foundation to stick and to stay put all day.

Let me know what primers are your favorite and how you like to use them.

Next up on my Makeup Back To Basics series is foundation and concealers!

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