Tuesday, January 5, 2016

DIY At Home Salon Blowout Tutorial | The Soriam Effect

Here is a quick and easy video showing you how I give myself a salon blowout. Even though the technique is pretty straight forward, it does take some practice to get the hang of it. If you have a lot of hair like I do, then get ready for a killer arm and shoulder workout, because you will be sore.

I really love the salon blowout look, but who really has the time and money to go to the salon every week to get their hair done? With this tutorial, you will have the same salon look, but you're doing it yourself.

For this video I didn't use any products in my hair. I don't usually put anything in my hair when I blow it out. Occasionally I will add a little hair serum or oil, but not all the time. The more product you put in your hair the less time it will take for it to get dirty or oily.
I just make sure to use a really good conditioner or a hair mask in the shower.

I also like to let my hair air dry for 20-30 minutes, that way when I go to blow it out I get done super fast. You still want the hair to have some moisture in it because it will give you the smoothest results.

This blowout took me about 25-30 minutes to do, but again I have thick hair and a lot of it. If you have medium to fine hair it should take 10-15 minutes.

Check out the video in Spanish here:

I hope you liked this video, and found it helpful for your hair drying needs.

Check back soon for more videos and blog posts.

Thanks for watching!

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