Thursday, August 29, 2013

Milani Baked Blush Review

My Review of Milani's Baked Blush in Luminoso
I have had this blush for a while now, I purchased it at my local CVS store for $8.99 (direct link to product.)
If you want to check out the haul where I talked about this product it is here: Collective Makeup Haul: June

The color is a peachy pink with some gold shimmer. I really like this color for the summer. It gives the skin a dewy look without being frosted or glittery. I like that it is a baked blush because you don't need a lot to make it show up on your skin. This product doubles for a blush and a highlighter, which makes it perfect for travel.
This blush is comparable to the Nars Orgasm blush. It is almost the same peachy tone, I would say that Orgasm is a little darker than Luminoso. Both the blushes have the golden sheen to them as well, but again I think that Luminoso is a bit toned down compared to Orgasm. The Nars blush has more of a shine of gold and Luminoso has more of a light sheen of gold.
Both blushes are very good. But if you want a cheap dupe for the Nars $29 blush, go for Luminoso (which is less than $10!)
I recently took Luminoso with me on my beach vacation and it went great with my tanned skin. It looked very natural and pretty, it made my skin glow!

I would recommend this product to people with light to medium skin tones who want a peachy, dewy finish on the cheeks.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

CVS Beauty Haul

Recently I stopped into my local CVS store to do some shopping, and I wanted to share the things that I purchased. I got some makeup stuff, some nail stuff, and some hair stuff. I hope you enjoy my haul!
I'm going to start with the hair stuff.
I bought my second tub of the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque. I love this stuff. Check out my previous post to read my review on this hair mask.
Next is a shampoo, not too interesting, but it is the Head & Shoulder shampoo in the green apple scent. This smells really good.
This is my favorite hairspray of all time, and I have tried quite a few. It is the Rave 4X Mega Hold.
Lastly for the hair a shine spray from Garnier Fructis shine glossing spray.
Next is nailssssss. I got a new CVS brand nail polish remover.
Three nail polishes. The orange is called l'orange from Loreal. The other two are from Essie, set in stones is the glitter polish. And the lime green is called the more the merrier. Last for nails is the Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle cream.
 I also picked up some makeup, of course. First is the Loreal False Fiber Lashes Mascara. Love this mascara. Also I picked up another one of the Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser concealer. I finally got one of the Maybelline Baby lips Lip balms, I've heard a tone about these on YouTube. Lastly I got one of the Maybelline Color Whispers.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque Review

I recently picked up my second jar of the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque, and I wanted to give you a review on this product.

Every time I went into my local CVS I always walked by the hair aisle and thought about buying the Macadamia Oil deep repair hair mask. But it is about $36 so I always just skipped it. But after months of wanting to try it I finally decided to give it a chance and buy it, this was about 3-4 months ago.
I started using it about once a week, and it has been amazing!
I do my regular shampoo routine first, then instead of my usual conditioner I use the mask. I apply quite a bit since I have a lot of hair. Then I just tie my hair up and take a shower and shave my legs and all that showering type stuff, as usual. I try to keep it in my hair as long as possible. The last thing I do is rinse it out. Then either I let my hair air-dry or I blow dry it (whatever I have time for.)
I love this product! It has been a life saver for my hair. At the beginning of this year I bleached the ends of my hair for the ombre look. So when I decided to dye it back to black, my hair was pretty damaged. I want to grow my hair out a bit more so I didn't want to cut the ends yet. But I started using the macadamia oil hair mask, and this saved my hair.
My hair isn't back to its previous glory but its almost there. I still have some split ends but it has improved in the last 3 months. Also my hair isn't as dry and brittle. It has some life back.
It makes my hair very smooth and silky. And it smells amazing!! The scent lingers in my hair for a few days after I use it but I really like it. My hair has grown around 2-3 inches in the last 3 months, and I'm convinced it's because of the deep conditioner.
I absolutely recommend this to people with damaged hair, or heat treated hair. It makes your hair healthy and shiny and smooth.
I really enjoy this hair mask, and I will continue to us it for a long time.
If you don't want to spend the $36 to try it, there are little travel size packets of the mask that you can buy (I found them at CVS.) That is what I started using first, and the one packet lasted me three washes. I think that it is less then $10. So that's something you can try out first to see if you like it or not.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer Polish Picks

Lime & Shine
This week on my nails I am wearing some really fun colors. I picked these nail polishes up at CVS, I'll be doing a haul soon to show all the goodies that a got. 
 So for this weeks manicure I chose Essie's "the more the merrier" which is an amazing bright lime green. I really like this color, it's so perrrrtty!

I wanted to add some more shine, so I used Essie's "set in stones" glitter polish on my ring fingers and pointer fingers.
 It's described on the Essie website as disco mirror ball chaos, and that is exactly what it is. It has big pieces of glitter and also tiny pieces of glitter. 

As a top coat I used the Orly Sec'N Dry. This is my favorite top coat ever. It dries super fast and leaves the nails super shiny.