Saturday, July 6, 2013

Makeup Forever HD Foundation Review

I have recently rediscovered the Makeup Forever HD Foundation.

I used this foundation religiously all last summer, and it was my absolute favorite foundation EVER! I stopped using it last winter because I got paler and the color didn't match me anymore.
So I was going through my makeup collection and I decided to see if it would match my skin tone now that I have some color again. And it matches!!

This foundation is so easy to apply. I use my Sigma F80 flat top kabuki brush. Using this brush makes the foundation look smooth and even, and it doesn't let the foundation get caked up.
The consistency is a little runny. I like the consistency because it is easy to blend. Also this foundation doesn't set up quickly so I have enough time to blend it in, and it looks amazinggggg.
I really love the finish that this foundation has on my skin. It's not matte at all, it leaves a sort of dewey glow to the skin. It is really nice for the summer. I use a little of the Rimmel Stay Matte face powder, so its not too shiny.
I would say that the foundation is about a medium coverage, but it is buildable so it can be a full coverage if that's what you need. I dont like using too much foundation in the summer, so i just use a little concealer for my problem areas. That usually does the trick and it looks really good.

This foundation is absolutely my favorite of all time. Im going to be buying it in a lighter shade for the winter, I dont want to stop using it again.

My face without makeup
My face with the Makeup Forever HD foundation 

With all my makeup finished :)

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