Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Nude Acrylic Set | Behind the Instagram

This set was so pretty. I did this on myself some months back. It is a super short coffin style nail with some colored acrylic and blingy gems!

 I love this nude acrylic from Nova Nails ( The owner of the store opens the store sporadically, but her acrylic powders are amazing! I have a few different nude acrylic powders. This one is one of my favorites since its just a classic nude color.
Check out her YouTube channel here: NovaNailsInc

To spice up the basic nude nails, I added some free hand art using a white nail polish stripper. To add some bling and glow I used some gorgeous swarovski gems. I'm pretty sure I got the gems off amazon. There are so many sellers that you can get those from. I attached those to my nail with the Nova Inc. nail glue. 
The final step is to apply a topcoat to the nails, and I used a gel topcoat to make the nails extra shiny and to make sure the design stayed on the nails much longer.



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