Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit Review

Everyone has been on this huge Anastasia Beverly Hills kick recently and of course I also hopped on the bandwagon. I want to talk a little bit of the Contour Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills.
This palette retails for $40 and I got mine at Sephora. 
I've had this palette for a few months now and I've even used one of the colors so much I hit pan on it.

I have a love-hate relationship with this palette. I love it because it is so convenient, it is a small and compact palette. What I don't like about this palette is that the colors are a little bit too orange for me.  

I think that this palette was over hyped in the YouTube beauty community. It's not a bad contour kit, but it's also not the best thing in the world. I find myself reaching for other bronzers more than the contour kit. It might be because I can't use three of the six colors. To me this is kind of a waste because I'm not getting my money's worth out of all the colors, as far as for personal use goes.

The powders themselves were okay, but not anything special. Blending these in could be a pain, if you apply a little at a time and build it up then it could work. The pigmentation on the contour shades was very good. The light colors I thought, were a little chalky, and the highlight with the shimmer wasn't the best. I think I favor the contour colors over the highlight shades.

If you are using these powders I would suggest that you powder the foundation before going in to contour. Putting dark shades over wet or semi-wet foundation will make it a nightmare to blend out.

I noticed that the highlight colors are the worst for setting concealer under the eyes. I tried this for months and my concealer would crease every single time! It was so frustrating. I would not recommend to use the highlight shades for setting liquids or creams.

I also don't like that the light colors are so similar to the color of my skin that it was a waste of product to use it as a highlight since it basically did nothing.
If you have a deeper tone of skin, like a medium tone, then I think this palette would be great for you. The dark colors are warm enough to show up and the light colors will also show up because they are light enough. 

Now to use this pallets on clients, that's a different story. This would be perfect for someone that does freelance work or is a makeup artist. I have used this pallet when I freelance and it is the best thing ever. Having to carry only one palette that has the colors I need for most of the people I work on is a great way to save time and space.

Overall I'm not saying that this pallets is bad, because It's not. I think you should buy this kit if you are a freelance makeup artist and you will be using it on other people. As far as personal use, I didn't really like it on my skin tone and coloring.

I do know that Anastasia Beverly Hills also has a ton of different contour and highlight shades that you can swap in and out of this palette. I think these are sold individually and not in a ready made kit.

Did you like this palette? What highlighting and contouring palette is your favorite? Let me know!

I really hope this review was helpful!

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