Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Planner Sticker Haul & Plan With Me!

I have been totally obsessed with my planner and decorating it. I never imagined all the fun stuff there was for planner enthusiasts like me. I must say Etsy is a great place to find anything and everything planner related.

I have had my Erin Condren Life Planner for almost a year now. check out the review I wrote on it here:  Erin Condren Life Planner Review

I had stopped using it for a few months around the beginning of the summer. I don't really remember why. But after being influenced by some of my favorite Youtubers like Elle Fowler, Jen from Pretty Neat Living, and Meg from Ciaoobelllaxo to start planning and decorating, I was hooked again.
Before I discovered these stickers, I had just been using colored pens. I would just write in my planner and have everything color coordinated. Now I have a super fun way of keeping track of what I have to do. This is also quite therapeutic and stress relieving.

I did all my sticker shopping on This is a great place to get stickers that are hand made and there are so many creative options. Some etsy shop owners even personalize stickers for you.
The shops that I places my first orders from where:

Sweet Bean Plans
Stickers By Sandy
The Pretty Planner
Vintage Gypsy Road
Two Lil' Bees

(I'm still waiting for stickers from Vintage Gypsy Road and Two Lil' Bees. I'll haul those with my next order.)

I think I'm in love! These stickers are just so cute! I really am itching to place another huge order soon. These are just so fun, and I have been really enjoying planning and decorating my planner.

Starting off with Sweet Bean Plans, I loved these stickers. And I especially loved the super fast shipping! I got these less than a week after ordering them. I was also really impressed with the extras I received with my order, I was definitely not expecting it, but she gave me a whole sheet of stickers!
These are the stickers I ordered:
These are the stickers that were extra:

My next order was from Stickers by Sandy. I got these fun social media stickers and also these dollar signs.

From The Pretty Planner I ordered these tiny stickers that have cute mini versions of stethoscopes, gas pumps and grocery carts in a bunch of colors. The Pretty Planner also included a super cute fall themed thank you sheet.

I also wanted to share my spread for the week I started using my new stickers. Here is what my planner looked like last week, before I got my stickers. Like I said, I would just use pens to color coordinate my tasks. I think that this just looks a little boring.

I still use the same color coordination but now I also include the stickers. I think the planer spread looks way more fun this week. I really enjoy using the stickers to keep track of and plan my days a little better.

I hope that you enjoyed this little sticker haul and a look at my planner now that I'm using these little stickers. I cant wait to start sharing my weekly spreads with you guys. Let me know what Etsy shop is your favorite for planner stickers!

Thanks for checking out my blog!

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