Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Erin Condren Life Planner Review

I am so excited to be talking about my new Life Planner from Erin Condren! I have been watching reviews on YouTube for a while now on these planners, and I finally decided to treat myself and order one.
So to start I got my planner off the Erin Condren website. I also bought a few add on's that I'll get into later on, and the total for everything I got was about $60 (including shipping.) 

The first person I saw talking about this planner was Jen from OrganizedJen.com early last year. I really appreciated how in-depth Jen went into reviewing the planner. Then she posted about the new planner she got from EC and it reminded me how much I missed having a planner. I was then sucked in completely when Elle Fowler talked about her planner on her blog Dreaming in Blush

So I ordered my planner at the tail end of January and I got it in February. I was super impressed by how pretty it is! I have been wishing for Spring so I got a really fun and bright print on the cover and I also had them personalize it with my name. 
This planner is giving me life right now! I love how bright and colorful it is on the inside. Every page is so cute and fun to look at. I hardly wanted to start writing in it because its so pretty. I really enjoy the month on 2 pages. There is more than enough space to write in and it also has a notes section in the month on 2 pages view.
The week on 2 pages is perfect! It is divided by "morning," "day" and "night." and it has a ton of space for notes around the week outline.
This planner can work for you, whatever you need it for I think that it would be great. It has a great little section in the back with lined paper for notes and such. It also comes with blank stickers and stickers that have things written on them already. It comes with a little clear pouch in the back where I keep my pencils and pens. 

This planner was definitely well worth the money and I recommend it to anyone that loves to write and plan things out.

I have had the planner now for a month and I have used it every single day. I love having a place where I can organize all my thoughts and plans for the upcoming week. I also like to keep track of my school and work hours on my planner. It keeps me organized and it also helps me stay on track and not forget things that need to get done.

From the website I also ordered and extra ruler/book mark, I got some extra blank stickers, and perpetual calender. I really love having two book marks. I keep one in the week I am currently in, and I keep the other one in the back of the book in the lined paper section, where I write notes about my blog.

I really have been loving my planner. I highly recommend it to people that love writing things out and using a planner. If you know that you won't keep up with it, or you get bored easily, then I suggest you don't spend the money.

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