Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Welcome to The Soriam Effect!!

I am starting this blog because of my love of all things beauty. It all started about 2 years ago when I began watching beauty videos on Youtube. I have been so inspired by all the talented beauty gurus that I decided to make this blog. I want other girls to be inspired like i was about the art of makeup.

Oh, the wonderful world of Youtube. Right away I was sucked into everything beauty, but especially Makeup! I absolutely LOVE makeup. At first I would watch the very intricate "costume-y" type of makeup that would completely change the person's face. Then as I slowly started discovering more beauty gurus, I started to learn about regular makeup looks for a day to day use. I also started seeing that it wasn't just makeup, but it was fashion, and hauls, and reviews. I just kept on getting inspired...

And that's when the spending started! Now I have my very own (not quite huge) makeup collection started and I cant wait to keep adding to it! 

So with this blog I will be writing about how I see beauty products, and makeup and fashion. I'll try to do a little bit of everything. I will be completely honest and 100% real with you. I want you to know my honest opinions on everything. 

I'll be doing tons of things, including reviews, hauls, products that I love, monthly favorites, outfit ideas, and lots more.

I hope you all keep coming back for more!

Thanks for checking out my blog! 


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