Monday, July 25, 2016

Angled Bob Haircut | Behind the Instagram

This haircut was super fun to do. In the before picture you can see that my client had medium length hair. She has very thick hair, and a lot of it. So going from a longer cut to a much shorter haircut can be difficult for someone with thick hair like this. Texturizing with point cutting or texturizing shears is key in a haircut like this one.

I started the haircut by cutting in the base shape and getting rid of the length. I sectioned from the crown to her ears and worked on the back first. I divided the back section into two down the middle. Then I took small subsections from that center part down to the nape at a 45 degree angle. I took off about 5 inches from the middle back to start. I combed out the section I was going to cut and I angled it towards the center of the part at the same angle as the subsection part.This technique creates the A-line shape of the hair cut. It keeps the hair farthest away from that middle part line longer than the hair closest to the part line. When the first small section is completed it should look like a long arc, not straight across.

I work in clean small sections on the left side then on the right side alternating them the whole way up the hair in the back of her head.
When I had the back done, I moved on the the front sections. Again I took diagonal subsections from the front above the ear and used the hair from the back as my guide to connect the front with the back. I over-directed these front sections so they would stay pretty long in the front.
Once the base of the cut was done, I went in to texturize and add some layers. With thick hair like this, texturizing is a necessity to make the hair cut look the way you want. 

I went in vertical sections starting in the middle back and I point cut out at a slight 45 degree angle (almost 90 at times) to give the hair that stacked effect without getting too short. I did this same thing around the whole back of the head.

To finish the hair cut, I did a tiny bit of face framing and layering throughout the hair so it wasn't too heavy. Making sure to run my hands through the hair to feel for any thicker or heavier sections.

The final touch was a quick blow out and flat iron to smooth everything out. After I finish a cut I like to go back and make sure that everything is where it needs to be, and if something needs to be adjusted this is when I take care of it.


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