Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How I Trim My Ends - Hair Tutorial - DIY

How I Trim My Ends

Hey guys,
Today I wanted to show you how I trimmed my ends. In my last video I showed you guys how I bleached my hair to get the ombre look. Making my hair lighter at the ends made my hair look super damaged and not cute. So I wanted to trim off my split ends to make my hair look healthy and shiny.

I used mostly the thinning shears for my hair, because it helps make the cut a little more natural, instead of using regular shears that would make the cut look blunt and harsh.
The only time I used the regular shears was when I had a few really long hairs that I couldn't get with the thinning shears.

I am not a professional, and this is the first time I trimmed my ends, so please be very careful when doing this yourself. A good thing to keep in mind is that you can always cut more, start off with just a little hair and work your way up to more hair. It's easier to take away hair, it's not so easy to add hair when you cut too much off.

I really like how it turned out because all the dead ends are off and I got the V-shape I wanted. I hope this video helps you out and saves you some trips to the salon. Thanks for watching!

Tools used in the video:
Hair Brush
Hair clips
Logo Bronze Series Thinning Shear #106
Logo Bronze Series Shear #100

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