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DIY Ombre Hair Tutorial - Brunette to Blonde

DIY Ombre Hair
Hey everyone,

Today's video is going to be about how I got the ombre hair. I wanted to change up my hair for the spring and summer. Instead if going to a salon and getting charged an arm and a leg for this look, I decided to do it myself. I am super happy with the way it turned out. 

I filmed the process because I wanted to show you guys that this look is possible at home. I actually forgot to film the part where I applied the toner. But I'll be explaining how I did everything step by step below.

Salon Care 30 Volume Cream Developer
Salon Care Powder Lightener
Blond Brilliance Perfect Blonde Toner in the color Platinum
Mixing bowl
Bottle applicator
Hair clips
Hair Foil

I got everything at Sally's Beauty Supply Store

Step by Step Instructions:

First Process:
Add about half of the packet of bleach into the mixing bowl, and add a little bit of developer at a time. You want it to be a creamy consistency but not runny. The ratio should be 1:1.

Start off by dividing the hair into 4 quadrants.
I started with the front sections.
Take smaller horizontal sections of hair.
In an upside down triangle shape take smaller pieces of hair.
With the lightener start applying it in the middle of the hair shaft, slowly bring that lightener up about 1-2 inches away from the roots. Be sure to only get the lightener on the top layer of hair-Don't soak it through.

Then using the back of your hand completely soak through the ends of the hair.
Leaving a space in between the highlighted hair take another small section of hair in the upside down triangle shape and repeat the process.
Start in the middle of the hair shaft, then work the lightener up almost to the roots, and then completely soak the ends of the hair.
When all of the highlights are finished, take all of that section and soak the ends that have no bleach on it.

Then use the hair foil to cover that section of hair. Using the foil is key because the lightener only works when it is wet, once it's dry it won't process any more.

You will repeat these same steps throughout all of the hair, working from the front of the head to the back.
When you finish with all the hair, you're going to wait for about 45 minutes or more, depending on how light or dark your hair color is. Make sure to keep checking your hair to see how it lifts. 
I left the lightener on for about 45 minutes, but I used a hair dryer to speed up the process.

After the 45 minutes where up, I rinsed the lightener out and shampooed my hair. I DID NOT condition it.
Then I towel dried it as much as possible.
This is where the toner comes in.
In the bottle applicator I poured in the toner and the developer and mixed it well. With gloves on, I used my fingers to massage the toner in the ends of my hair, anywhere that I had applied the lightner. I tried to use all of the toner.
Leave the toner on for 20 minutes or less. Don't leave it on for more than 20 minutes because it could turn your blonde into purple.
Then I rinsed the toner out and shampooed and conditioned using a purple shampoo and a deep conditioner. Using purple shampoo will help with reducing any brassiness or orange tones in the hair.
The last thing I did was blow dry my hair on a medium setting without a brush to prevent breakage.

Second Process
I waited a week before lightening my hair again.
I divided all of my hair into the 4 quadrants. and started from the front of my head towards the back.
Taking smaller sections from the quadrants I started applying the lightener to the hair that was already lightened.
You want to be careful not to apply it to the dark hair because it will be orange when everything is done.
So I continue taking small sections and getting all the hair that has been lightened already.
When my head is completely done, I let the bleach sit in my hair for 45 minutes, checking it every once in a while.
After it had finished processing I rinsed it out and shampooed it with purple shampoo. I did not condition it.
I mixed the toner and developer in the bottle applicator and on towel dried hair I applied the toner.
I let the toner site for 15 minutes. Then I rinsed it out and shampooed with purple shampoo and conditioned it with a deep conditioner.
I let my hair air dry for 3-4 hours. Then I went in and straightened it with a round brush and a hair drier on the medium heat setting.
DO NOT use a flat iron to straighten the hair the same day you lighten it. Your hair will burn off!

So that is it! 
I hope you guys found this helpful. Thanks for watching!!

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