Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Launching My YouTube Channel!

Beauty By Soriam on YouTube

After a few years of battling with myself I have finally decided to start my own YouTube channel. This is something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time, and I am finally getting it done.

I started off with this blog, where I write about reviews I do on products and also things I like to use every month. Now I want to expand my blog to making videos on YouTube. I really am very excited about moving forward with what I am passionate about. I want to be able to help and inspire other girls that maybe are just getting started with the whole beauty thing, or people that are just as passionate as I am with makeup.

I have so much respect for all the beauty gurus that are popular on YouTube, it isn't easy but they make amazing videos. I want to be able to reach out to people all over the world with my videos as well.

My videos will be beauty & fashion related, of course, and I will be coordinating blog posts with the videos. You will see more things from reviews to makeup tutorials.
I have been working really hard and learning all I can about editing and making videos, because I want to make something that will be beneficial to my readers and future viewers.

I really appreciate you for checking out my blog and I hope that you join me in this new stage.

Check out my YouTube channel: YouTube.com/BeautyBySoriam1

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