Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Long Layers Haircut | Behind the Instagram

The long layered haircut is probably my favorite haircut to do. It gives the hair so much body and movement, and makes the hair look 10 times thicker than it did before. 
This client is the same one from my Brown Ombre post, she came back to get her haircut, since we didn't have the time to do it when I colored her hair. 

Her hair was about down to her lower back. You can see in the first picture below that it looks very thin and flat.

I started by making sure her hair was completely wet. Then I sectioned her into a T parting from the top of her crown down towards her ears. I pinned the front two sections out of the way and started on the back first. 
I always like to trim the hair to the length that the client wants before I get into the body of the haircut. I took the back section and parted her hair from her left ear all the way across horizontally to her right ear. I like to take a big enough section to go through this as a rough cut pretty quickly. I took off about 3 inches of her length. I took down more sections working my way up the hair until her hair was one even length all over. 

Once I had the trim in, this is when I like to start layering. Always ask the client how short they want their shortest layer to be before you start chopping off hair every which way. My client wanted longer layers this time. 
To cut long layers I like to start at the top of her head with the back section. I divide about an inch section from the crown horizontally, this will be my guide for the shortest layer. 
I comb the hair straight up as perfectly as possible, and check to see how short the layer will be. I grip the hair tightly and bring it down to see where it will be once it is cut. 
I comb that section straight up again and I point cut that first layer. I took about 5-6 inches off for that first layer.
To continue the layering, I parted the hair from the top down vertically about 1-2 inches thick. I combed the hair straight up to the length of the original guide of the shortest layer. I go from the center to the left and then from the center to the right.
I worked my way down to the nape of the head, combing everything up to that original guide at the top of her head.

For the front sides, I like to part the hair from the center middle back to create a triangle shape. I angle the hair back at a 45 degree angle instead of the 180 degree angle that I did the back of the haircut. I do this because I don't like taking too much length off the front since there is much less hair in those front sections than the back.
I also don't cut the layers in 3-4 fingers above the ears. Again this is to make sure we leave some fullness and length in the front.

After the cut is completed, I like to blow out her hair and give it that body and curl with my round brush and blow dryer on the highest heat setting. And that's the end of the haircut.

I love this haircut, it is definitely my all time favorite haircut and blow out to do on my clients.  



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