Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette | Beauty Favorite of the Week

I absolutely live for this face palette! This face palette is quickly becoming one of my favorites.
I picked up the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Face Palette on a whim when I was at the mall a little over a month ago. It had been out for a while, and I was trying to keep away from it since I don't like things that are super trendy.

But after it was out for a while I looked at it in store and I actually really like the colors in the palette, especially when it came to the blush colors.

I have been using this palette pretty much every day that I wear makeup, which is like everyday. I definitely am obsessed. This palette is so beautiful, the blush colors are amazing and the highlight shades are gorgeous. I am also a sucker for pretty packaging, and of all the palettes that I own this one takes the cake. I love displaying it on my vanity!

It comes with three blush shades and two highlighters. The blush shades are different enough and they even have different finishes on the skin making each one unique. There is a more gold highlighter and a pink highlighter. I love the options. I even use the highlighters as eyeshadows sometimes.

The powder itself is super high quality. The colors are pigmented and they go on the skin smooth and creamy, and they blend like a dream. When you do blend out the blush colors they don't completely disappear off your skin.

The colors last all day on my cheeks and it doesn't get blotchy or patchy throughout the day.

Overall this is a definite winner, and I am so glad that I got it while it was available.


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