Friday, February 19, 2016

Winter Essentials

Winter Inspiration

Living in the north has it's ups and downs. A lot of people say that winter is one of the downs. I tend to disagree. I really enjoy winter, and most of the things that go along with it.

I have lived in Pennsylvania for the good part of 14 years now, so I am pretty used to the seasons changing and the cold lasting a good bit of the year. I just embrace it and enjoy it!

Layering up is one of the most satisfying things ever. I love being able to bundle up and get cozy on a cold winter day or night. It doesn't matter if it's layering a super cute date outfit, or just layering with pajamas and hoodies to stay home. It is so nice being able to put on more layers when it's cold out.

Fall Outfits 2015:  a beige coat and black scarf and gloves from Reserved, black dress from Land Fashion, ankle boots. Best fall fashion ideas 2015.:  Converse sneakers with casual outfit topped with a long cardigan or trench coat:

Dark makeup.
As far as beauty goes, a dark smoky eye or dark lips is completely acceptable in the winter time. I feel like the vamp in me comes out to play. I love going super dark with my lips using deep burgundy's or violets. Its classy and chic all at once. You really can't go wrong with wearing darker makeup in the winter.

Midnight  and the 35O on the  This sizzling palette is on its way, check back in a couple weeks! We will post our official restock announcement on IG  follow our #morphegirl @makeupbyalinna you'll be so happy you did:   :

I really love sandals and heels, but when it comes to winter wear, I love me some classic boots. I have been totally obsessed with booties this winter especially. They really can complete an outfit, as in any outfit. I love that they are so easy and versatile. I have yet to find a riding boot style that will zip up my calf, but when I do you will be the first to know.
Heeled ankle booties//:  Say hello to our little friend. Zevin is a cutout, block-heeled bootie with adjustable buckles and pull-through buckle details. l JustFab:

If there is any time to drink hot coffee, it is during the cold short winter days. What better way to warm up than a good cup of coffee. The great thing is all the fun flavors that are available now. I still really enjoy a regular ol' cup of coffee from time to time.

Our wonderful flavors are Chocolate Mint & Snickerdoddle!     Today's soup is Broccoli Cheddar!:

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