Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Liquid Lipstick | Kat Von D Review

I have never been that into lip products. I would much rather focus on the skin and the eyes when it comes to makeup. But there has been a huge shift in the past year towards lip products.
A large part of that is probably due to the instant fame of the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kylie. Her lips have been all anyone talks about, thank God that is finally subsiding.

What a lot of companies are putting out are liquid lipsticks. Basically it is a super pigmented lip gloss that acts as a lipstick, and if it's matte (which it usually is) then this lipstick lasts a really long time before you have to retouch it.

Like I said before I am not a huge lip product junkie like other beauty YouTubers can be.
This past fall, I got my hands on a couple liquid lipsticks from Kat VonD, Lolita and Lolita2. They are a mini set that I picked up at the checkout line at Sephora.

I get it now. I finally understand the hype. I absolutely LOVE these two liquid lipsticks! They are super matte which is on trend at the moment. They are also extremely long wearing, I love this because I can't for the life of me ever remember to touch up my lips when I have lipstick on. These products literally last for hours! It really is amazing.

The only beef I have with the ones that I have from Kat Von D is that they are very drying on the lips. After a long while wearing them it feels like my lips are part of the Sahara Desert. I know that some people really moisturize before wearing the liquid lipstick, but that for me still doesn't stop the dryness.

There is such a huge color range and not only Kat VonD, basically any makeup brand now carries some sort of liquid lip product. I have yet to get my hands on any other ones, but I have seen them reviewed on YouTube and they also seem promising.
Overall the Kat VonD liquid lipsticks are amazing, and I definitely recommend them to anyone that wants super long wearing and pigmented matte lips.

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